High Density Data Centers
All data centers need special considerations for reliability, flexibility and maintainability. The new high density data centers generally include the same concerns but add the complication of concentrated equipment loads.  Equipment racks with 13-17KW over 8sf are coming on line.  Rooms averaging over 300 watts per sf are now the trend.  Conventional methods of cooling have “hit a wall.”  Scaling up old designs will not work.  Ackerman-Practicon has developed new paradigm approaches including:

•  Air and water "free air" cooling
•  Cold cell / Hot aisle Configurations
•  Customized HVAC Equipment/Controls
•  Point of Use Cooling Systems
•  2-Story options with reverse “clean-room” air flow
•  Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling

A-P has been a pioneer in clean room design here in Silicon Valley over many years.  Data Centers are similarly evolving to include and require integrated building/computing solutions.  There is no “standard” solution to the future.  Let Ackerman-Practicon contribute our experience to your project.

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